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XR Meet-Up le 23 mai 2019 à l'IRISIB

vendredi 10 mai 2019

XR Industry Update: Where are immersive Technologies today in BRU, in BE and WW?


18:00 – 18:30 WELCOME
18:30 – 18:40 Introduction and Welcome - Salvador Garcia, Rudi Giot
18:40 – 18:55 Update on the latest technology developments in the XR Industry - Juan Bossicard
18:55 – 19:10 Immersive Audio Presentation with live demo - François Fripiat, Gwendal Le Vaillant
19:10 – 19:20 Financing XR content - Marine Haverland
19:20 – 19:30 Financing XR technology development - Sebastian Serrano
19:30 – 19:40 Introducing XR for all and its call to applications - Leen Segers
20:00 - 22:00 DRINKS AND DEMOS


RollerCoasterVR (Roller coaster simulator in VR)
ParaFlowVR (Paragliding simulator in VR)

AHIA (Augmented Headphones for Immersive Audio)
MIEM (Multitouch Interface for Electroacoustic Music)
Kourabie (Augmented Packaging of product)
Augmented SandBox (Projection)
Augmented City (Mobility solution with projection)
Augmented Wall (Projection mapping of live data)
Space Temple (Guitar-Hero look-alike with projection)
LookThrough (Using Hololens)

Augmented Violin
Augmented CyrWheel

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