mercredi 31 janvier 2018


According with Log vision @ MSF Today, the Operational Logistics is a very specific and well-known force of MSF. Beyond the fulfillment of basic logistic needs, logistics is a solution-driven and innovative force that helps to build and realize operational projects.
The Raison d’être of the MIO HVAC position is because MSF medical activities require continue support of to ensure a healthy, safe and suitable environment for patients and medical staff by delivering the appropriate temperature, humidity and indoor air quality conditions.
The MIO HVAC is part of the Back Office Technical Log Department under the functional supervision of the Energy Project Developer. S/he will be able to give the first line support to the field. S/he will be coordinated with the Energy Project Developer to improve and/or implement the MSF process, tools and techniques related. S/he will be proactive to evaluate and propose solutions in line to her/his technical domain.


The aim of the MIO HVAC is to implement or improve practices in the field for an effective and efficient design, management, and use of HVAC equipment which ensure proper air quality and comfort conditions.
S/he contributes with the Energy Project Developer by giving feedback of the functional status of the HVAC conditions in running projects.
S/he assists the setup of HVAC settings in starting or running missions in terms of technical needs, human resources, trainings, and external contractors according to MSF framework.

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